Simplesleep VS. Gravity



Price (Blanket Only)

$99 CAD

Not Available

Price (Blanket & Cover)

$119 CAD

$249 USD

(Approx. $325 CAD)

Cover Type

Duo Duvet Cover: Plush Side + Cooling Microfibre Side

Plush only. Cooling blanket sold separately.

Shipping Cost (Canada)


$80 USD

(Approx. $105 CAD)

Return Policy

100 Days

30 Days

Company HQ

Toronto, Canada

New York, USA




$279+ USD

What makes the Simplesleep Weighted Blanket stand out Vs. Gravity?

Simplesleep operates with one goal in mind: Help Canadians sleep better, without breaking the bank.

We don't have a fancy, tech-y startup office in the city, and we don't have a very large team, but we do know this...

1 in 3 Canadians do not get enough sleep.

And you shouldn't need to spend $249 USD (plus potential import duties) to improve that.

Weighted blankets are simple products, and can be designed, manufactured and marketed at a reasonable cost. Our blankets do not come in a fancy box, and you won't find us releasing a Hollywood-esque commercial anytime soon, but you can be sure that you are getting a well-built, durable and comfortable therapeutic weighted blanket from SimpleSleep.

When we created the Duo Duvet cover, we focused on versatility and functionality, instead of profitability. This cover allows you to experience the comfort of a Luxurious Sensory Plush Cover, while also featuring a smooth cooling microfibre on the reverse side. Sure, we could have created two different covers, but that would be an extra item for you to buy.

One thing we never sacrifice is quality. We're so confident in our product that we offer a 100-Night Trial. If you have any issues with your blanket, or if you just decide it's not for you, send it back for your full refund.

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Details and Specifications



48 x 78"

Sized for one individual, similar to a throw blanket. Optimized to focus the weight on your body, and not on the bed around you.



User Weight

Blanket Weight

100-150 lb

15 lb

150+ lb

20 lb



Simplesleep Weighted Blanket

Filling: 100% non-toxic glass beads, 200 gsm polyester batting

Fabric: 100gsm Microfibre (Polyester)

Duo Duvet Cover: Plush Side + Cooling Microfibre Side


1x Side 100gsm Smooth Breathable Microfibre

1x Side 190gsm Plush Microfibre

Blanket & Duvet Cover Attachment Mechanism

Blanket & Duvet Cover Attachment Mechanism

10 Loops and Ties evenly distributed around perimeter

Weight Distribution

Weight Distribution

Each stitched pocket measures just 4x4"

Simplesleep uses a small grid design to keep the weight evenly distributed throughout the blanket. 

This ensures optimal comfort and maximum therapeutic benefit.

Shipping Cost (Canada)

Shipping Cost (Canada)


Return Policy

Return Policy

100 Nights

If you're unsatisfied, just ship it back for a full refund.